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About Us

We like listening to our customers: you are passionate and love your work. Only in this way can we produce tailored cut applications

About Us

Valxer or Valxer Idea Farm is a software development and technological innovation company, 100% Made in Brianza, strictly "gluten-free".
We do not cause intolerances: we are what you see.
The dominant of our profile is the curiosity that the future is today. Our applications have a sartorial cut and thanks to transversal skills, mobile apps (native in iOS and Android), interact with third-party hardware or the Internet of things. We believe in reactivity without forgetting the 3D graphics and some small foray into wearable projects.
This is our essence


Here we are

Romeo Mariani

Romeo has made his hobby his job. In love for the first Mac, he began developing code since 1985, rising from management software, to the web, the mobile application, Augmented and Virtual Reality, IoT

Barbara Lodi

Barbara after a career in the company in the administrative / management, decides to make a change to her working life, participating and becoming a member of Valxer. Not being a programmer is the joker of the company. He deals with websites, mobile applications, SEO, SEM, Social Media, tests

Vito Ripa

Vito is a Watchout operator split between the video and 3D design. Expert in video editing, he enriches his work with 3D drawing. And if it's not in the studio, you can find it in the control room during big events or multinational presentations.

David Serenelli

David is an expert in typographic graphics, teacher and tutor of graphics processing software and content of the Adobe Suite. Consultant at Associazione Padre Monti and ITS Angelo Rizzoli.

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